P U B L I C   A D V I S O R Y

In accordance with IATF Resolution No. 168 s. 2022 of 27 May 2022, the following are the changes[1] in the entry protocols to the Philippines relative to the requirement of presenting a negative RT-PCR test or Rapid Antigen test, effective 30 May 2022:

  1. A pre-departure COVID-19 test (either RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) is NO LONGER REQUIRED provided the adult passenger (18 years old and above) is FULLY VACCINATED WITH A COVID-19 VACCINE AND HAS HAD AT LEAST ONE COVID-19 BOOSTER SHOT.
  2. A pre-departure COVID-19 test (either RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) is no longer required for passengers aged between 12 and 17 years, provided they are FULLY VACCINATED WITH A COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Passengers aged below 12 years are also EXEMPTED from the pre-departure COVID-19 test (either RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) if their accompanying parent/s are FULLY VACCINATED AND HAS/HAVE AT LEAST ONE BOOSTER SHOT of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  4. All other passengers who are FULLY VACCINATED BUT have not received at least ONE COVID-19 booster shot are required to present a negative RT-PCR TEST taken within forty-eight (48) hours or a remotely supervised, OR a laboratory-based RAPID ANTIGEN TEST result administered and certified by a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility, laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, or other similar establishment taken within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin.

In addition, the following are the changes in the entry requirements:

  1. All official national certificates of COVID-19 vaccination are accepted proof of vaccination;
  2. The COVID-19 insurance requirement has been removed, though it is highly encouraged.

A copy of IATF Resolution 168 may be accessed at:

Phnom Penh, 30 May 2022

[1] Changes from IATF Resolution Nos. 160-A, 160-B, 160-D and 164-A s. 2022