The Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines provided the following information on the procedure to renew Philippine driver’s licenses.

  • The applicant may send a duly authorized representative to renew the license at LTO by presenting the original Special Power of Attorney (SPA)[1] and copies of the:
    • Applicant’s valid passport data page;
    • Valid Cambodian visa page; and
    • Passport pages bearing the date of departure from the Philippines and recent arrival in Cambodia.

  • A fee of Php 752.63 will be collected.

  • If the license has expired for one day up to one year, LTO will charge a penalty of Php 75.00 in addition to the abovementioned fee.

  • If the license has expired for more than one year up to two years, a penalty of Php 150.00 will be added.

  • An LTO Official Receipt shall be issued to serve as the temporary license.

  • Within thirty (30) days of arrival in the Philippines, the applicant goes to the same office where the renewal was made, for photo and biometrics capture, as well as printing of the driver’s license. The applicant must also:
    • Submit a copy of the medical certificate electronically transmitted by an LTO accredited medical clinic;
    • Present the valid Philippine passport; and
    • Present the LTO Official Receipt serving as the temporary license.

For more information, the LTO’s website may also be viewed at:


21 October 2020, Phnom Penh


[1] The SPA will be executed at the Philippine Embassy